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Discount rate for high risk coverage - Sunset Plaza will find you low car insurance rates despite being in a high risk insurance status. Our agents have vast experience helping high risk insurance customers with past record of DUI, SR22, major accidents, and multiple tickets.
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We have exceptional agents who periodically re-shop for you during cycles of your policy and at renewals to ensure that you are still receiving the best combination of price and protection for your dollar.

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High Risk Auto Insurance

Low Rate SR 22 Insurance!

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Specialists in finding affordable low rate SR 22 and DUI Insurance

Our trained agents specialize in helping find the lowest rate for insurance when needed in a court ordered SR 22 filing. Call on Sunset Plaza Insurance to help meet high risk insurance needs. Allow us to provide you with the lowest rate SR 22 and DUI Insurance available.

What is an SR22?

An SR22 is a filing done with the DMV that shows proof of insurance. It is a Certificate of Financial Responsibility. The "SR" in SR22 stands for "Safety Responsibility".

When is SR22 Insurance required?

You must obtain an SR22 only when the court requires it or it is required by the state due to a major motor violation(s). Some examples when you need to obtain an SR22 are: DUI convictions, three tickets or points on your driving record whithin one year, reckless driving or being involved in an accident with out insurance whether at fault or not. If one of the above occurred then your license can get suspended. It is possible to get a restricted license with obtaining SR22 Insurance and have it filed with the DMV. Check with your local DMV to see if you are eligible for a restricted license.

How do I get SR22 Insurance?

At Sunset Plaza Insurance we provide low rate SR22 Insurance California policies. We file the SR22 with the DMV electronically so that you can get your license back as soon as possible. You can get free quote by filling out the information above and one of our representatives will contact you within a few minutes. Make sure that you inform the agent that you need an SR22 or Certificate of Finanacial Responsibility. Once you are satisfied with your quote you will be taken through our e-sign paperwork that doesn't require you to leave your home or it can be done anywhere aslong as you have internet connection. It can even be done with your Smartphone. You will have all of your paperwork ready to go in about fifteen minutes with ID Cards and SR22 as well as your SR22 filed with the DMV.

You may also speak to one of our representatives and request a quote over the phone at 1-310-388-6885, obtaining the SR22 insurance would go through the same process.

If you are already insured with Sunset Plaza Insurance and you need to obtain a cheap SR22 please contact our Customer Service representatives at 1-310-388-6885 or you may speak to one of our agents. One of our specialists will be happy to review your policy and help you obtain a cheap SR22 insurance policy so that you can get back on the road.

Does my insurance premium increase when I get an SR22?

If you need to obtain an SR22 because the DMV requires it then most likely there has been a major driving violation(s). But not to worry it can be very cheap to file an SR22. It usually costs anywhere from $15 to $25 to file it. It is a one time payment not a monthly payment. Although you may have to obtain it in the future if your policy lapses or there is a period when you are switching companies that you are not insured. Typically what happens is the DMV will suspend your license and you will have to get another SR22 filed in order to get your license back. So make sure to have continues coverage.

If you recentley had driving violations your premium will go up but not to worry as we specialize in high risk insurance, DUIs, Tickets, Accidents, Teen drivers etc� We are able to obtain insurance at a very reasonable rate if not match what you are currently paying. We review your whole entire policy to check for any discounts you may be eligible for as well as look through the different programs we offer throughout California in order to find you the best possible rates.

Do I need to have an auto insurance policy to receive an SR22?

No not necessarily if you own a motorcycle if you may file it on a motorcycle insurance policy. You may also get a non-owners policy with an SR22 in case you would like to have your license active even though you do not own a vehicle. That is typically done when you are required to drive for work purposes. Mention to one of our agents you have a motorcycle and as we may be able to provide filing on your motorcycle policy allowing you to have a cheap sr22 policy.

How long do I need to have an SR22?

An SR22 is required for up to three years in California unless deemed otherwise by the courts or the DMV. You need to have continuous coverage on your SR22 for those three years. If your insurance policy gets cancelled at any moment you may lose your driving priviliges. The best thing to do is monitor your insurance month by month if you are on automatic payments and make sure you have enough in your bank account so that your policy does not get cancelled. If you are on regular bill pay then just make sure to make your payments on time and you will have nothing to worry about.

*To get the official rules on SR22 filings and forms contact the DMV.

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